We repair virtually anything electronic associated with live music, including intrument amps (valve amps a specialty), power amplifiers, mixers, effects units, lighting control, cables etc. We are also warranty repair agents for Yamaha Pro Audio, VOX, Fender ampfication, SWR, LightEmotion, American DJ, Wharfedale Pro Audio, dB Technologies, HK Audio, Digitech, David Eden, Peak, Markbass, Hiwatt, and Laney, with more pending.

With the current penchant of manufacturers to assemble equipment at the lowest possible cost, repairing some of the newer equipment is more labour intensive, therefore more expensive, and often complete modules need to be replaced. This can make repairing that old trusty piece of gear much more attractive - see us for a no-obligation quote!


Even though you might be completely happy with your gear, sometimes you may want something just slightly different - in which case we can help. From alterations to leads & cabling, through level changes, gain changes, EQ changes, desk routing changes, to a full blown hotrod of your old Marshall, we can help customise your gear to suit you. Be aware, though, that unauthorised modifications to new equipment will invalidate your warranty..

We can also upgrade and improve your speaker systems, and our various computer CAD and measuring packages can ensure you get the result you want. Call us to discuss your requirements!

Speaker Recones

We can repair and recone speakers with original or generic full kits or parts, to restore old worn, damaged, or burnt-out speakers back to their former glory for a fraction of the price of new ones.

We can also supply and fit replacement compression driver diaphragms.

Custom Construction

We also offer custom designed and built speaker cabinets and passive crossovers for those situations where off-the-shelf units don't meet your requirements, either performance wise or physically. Our computer CAD, optimisation and modelling softwares allow us to best meet the desired targets.

Website Design and Hosting

We can put you on the Net ! Services include site design, graphics design, hosting and domain name registration. For more details, click here.

For further information or quotations for any of the above services, please email or phone 02 4967 3118

Other Services

For associated services we are unable to offer, we have no hesitation recommending other quality local businesses - if you are looking for something not listed above, try some of the following:

For keyboard and organ repairs:
Terry O'Brien at Keyboard Care, Ph 4957 3669
For guitar repairs and lutherie:
Len Biglin Guitars, Ph 4943 0646
Terry O'Keefe Guitar Repairs, Ph 4983 1011
For PA and lighting sales and installation:
Custom Audio & Lighting Installations, Ph 4960 0655
For PA and lighting hire and production:
Scion Audio, Ph 4961 3733
Lake Audio, Ph 4956 6153
For music instruments and amplification sales:
Music Headquarters, Ph 4952 9222
Billy Hyde Music, Ph 4965 4222
Music Solutions, Ph 4954 8889
Lathams Music, Ph 4952 5700